Rotegården is located right next to the beautiful winding Rickleån river with the hiking trail "Flottarstigen och fiskestigen" outside the window that follows the river's path to the sea.

The farm was built in 1853 and is Sweden's only double-rote, i.e. it housed two families of soldiers. Even today, Rotegården consists of two separate accommodations that can be rented separately. The double root was inhabited until the 1960s.

Description of the accommodation:
Rote left part
Pets are allowed in the left part of Rotegården. The accommodation has 6-8 beds. Two family beds (lower bed 120 cm, upper bed 90 cm) and a regular bunk bed. There are 2 rooms, the "hall" has a kitchen, family beds, dining table and sitting area. A small separate room with a bunk bed, bathroom with toilet and shower, and a farmhouse with hanging facilities.
NOTE! New price: 700 SEK per night.

Rote right part
In the right part of Rotegården, pets are not allowed. There are 4-6 beds. The left part has two rooms, one is the kitchen with dining table and the other is the bedroom with two family beds (lower bed 120 cm, upper bed 90 cm). There is also a tiled bathroom and a sauna.
NOTE! New price: 700 SEK per night