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Sten-Pelle's quarry

Sten-Pelle's quarry is at Sjönäsberget next to the Tryssjön lake, its attractions include a re-equipped stone mason's hut, a barbecue area (with wood) and the possibility of a guided tour.

Pelle Karlsson, also called Sten-Pelle ("Stone Peter"), was active at the quarry from the middle of the 1920s up until the end of 1940s. The stone mason's hut at the quarry was Sten-Pelle's home. It has now been restored to its original condition. The displays inside the hut include information about life as a stone mason and pictures of Sten-Pelle's work. For those who would like to know more about the quarry and Sten-Pelle, a guide can be booked via Carl Åsemar, phone +46 (0)70 37 37 144.

At the quarry, Sten-Pelle cut stones for bridges, road culverts etc. In the 1920s, he was one of the municipality's largest employees. Ha had around 40 employees. His last and perhaps most famous work is "the kingsstone" (Kungsstenen) at Bygdeå church. The stone was signed by King Gustaf VI Adolf in 1952.